Since 2011, Synergy has inspired students from all over New England to innovate solutions to local problems. Past participants have gone on to found social enterprises that have create bold impact in Boston and beyond.  


Synergy is a program established by the Harvard Social Innovation Collaborative that challenges students to tackle the social issues that matter to them in transformative ways. The program is a Harvard-based social entrepreneurship bootcamp which equips Boston’s college community with the social entrepreneurship skills and knowledge they need in order to tackle pressing social challenges, while leveraging the unique assets of Boston - an urban hub of grit and innovation. Through award-winning entrepreneur speakers, business skill workshops, eld trips, and opportunities for mentorship, Synergy walks you through the process of building a social enterprise - from ideation, product design, business development, to invest pitching. Students will also delve into Greater Boston’s social issues, learn from experts and entrepreneurs currently involved in the world of social innovation, and develop the local network they need to do the same - here or worldwide. Change starts at home. 

Social Innovation is about using local tools to create global impact. Synergy empowers and equips individuals with the skills that they need to do this.
— Tom Osborn, Synergy 2018

Why Synergy

Synergy aims to address two needs: students who are interested in social entrepreneurship and would love to explore; students who wish to know their community outside of campus in a deeper level. Synergy was established in order to foster an understanding of and appreciation for social innovation in students of all backgrounds. Furthermore, Synergy aims to give its participants a real world experience by utilizing the unique aspects of social innovation intrinsic to the city of Boston.